About us

General information:

The Bulgarian Scientific Society of Child Neurology, Psychiatry and Developmental Psychology was created in 1991 by the prominent child neurologists Prof. I. Georgiev, Assoc. Prof. R. Yotova, Assoc. Prof. L. Belopitova, Assoc. Prof. M. Uzunova and other child neurologists of the Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics of the Sofia Medical University. Co-founders of the Society were eminent child psychiatrists like Prof. Hr.Hristozov, Prof. M. Achkova, Prof. Sv. Stambolova, Assoc. Prof. N. Polnareva and other physicians of the Department of Child Psychiatry, as well as psychologists of the Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. The creation of the Society was provoked by the common problems that these closely related specialties deal with: studying the neurological, psychiatric and psychological development of children in physiological and pathological conditions.

The Bulgarian Scientific Society of Child Neurology, Psychiatry and Developmental Psychology has held six national scientific conferences up to now. The seventh one (23-25.10.2008 year) already had international participation.

Former chairmen of the Society were Prof. Ivan Georgiev and Assoc. Prof. Liliana Belopitova. The present governing body of the Society consists of Assoc. Prof. Veneta Bozhinova (Chairman), Assoc. Prof. Nadya Polnareva (Deputy Chairman), Assoc. Prof. Petya Dimova, Dr. Veselin Tomov, Dr. Ivan Litvinenko.

Aim and tasks of the Society

The aim of the Society is introducing the up-to-date international and Bulgarian scientific achievements of child neurology, psychiatry and developmental psychology to the scientific community of neuropediatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists and psychologists as well as promotion of their implementation in practice.

The tasks of the Society are associated with presentation of the current trends in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological and psychiatric diseases, and in psychological research on the assessment of normal development and on the evaluation of psychopathological conditions.

Various scientific forums have been held where comprehensive reports on modern diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, results of original research and proposals for every-day practice are presented. The latest hot topics were cell transplantation in neuropediatric treatment, the opportunities of drug and surgical treatment of epilepsy, new therapeutic approaches in hyperactivity disorder, organization and algorithms in treatment and prevention of mental disorders.

The Society plays a major role in elaborating and adopting consensuses on diagnosis and treatment of several disorders with considerable social impact like cerebral palsy or neuromuscular diseases.

The Society is also a co-editor of an international journal – The Journal of Pediatric Neurology (Turkey). Members of the Society participate in the editorial staff and in the editorial board of this journal.